A Climate Justice Path To A Safe Climate

In response to the climate change crisis, calls for worldwide emergency action, science-based targets, and for Climate Justice, we, organizations and individuals, offer support for the following proposed real solutions to this alarming global catastrophe. We recognize that the United States has been a major cause of and is a major obstacle to a global resolution of this climate crisis. Thus, we offer these compilations of proposed measures, actions, and strategies as starting a conversation of what the U.S. should do from a Climate Justice perspective, inviting input and support from global allies. We invite all to contribute their real solutions to climate change, based upon the principles enumerated below, and to work with us to help build upon and enact an interactive path that responds collectively to what both science and justice require to avert climate catastrophe, and leads us towards an environmentally-sustainable long-term vision of the future both locally and globally.

No single proposed solution to climate change can fix the entire problem. Campaigns are necessary on numerous fronts to address the various causes and inequitable impacts of climate change at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We do not attempt to prioritize these efforts. Rather, we agree to work together proactively to realize the enactment of just, sustainable, and efficacious policies to avert the global warming crisis, and agree to mutually support each other’s work. Our goal is to help provide and support specific legislative and non-legislative strategies, campaigns, and networks – developing tactics that the U.S. must undertake – to ensure a just and effective resolution to the global problem of climate change. We support the following legislative measures and non-legislative actions & strategies, separately and collectively, to help build upon the global movement towards climate justice.

Executive Summary: A Path To A Safe Climate V.2.ES
Executive Summary + Full Document: A Path To A Safe Climate V.2 Full
To Endorse: http://bit.ly/signrealsolutions

We do not consider “A Path To A Safe Climate: Making Climate Justice a Reality” a finished product. We see it as a living document that will be continuously expanded and modified as we engage in a conversation about real solutions to climate change. Our plan is to adopt a quarterly revision schedule. We invite your participation and hope you will become a part of this discussion.

Proposed changes/additions may be posted here by responding to this post or you may email your proposals to reede.stockton @ gmail.com.


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